Dinner at Bloop Shisha Lounge – Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

Hello all! It’s been SO long since I’ve posted – yes I’ve been busy but that’s no excuse.  Today, I’ll be reviewing Bloop, one of my favorite pre-game and chill out bars in Hong Kong.  But what you probably didn’t know about this place is that it has food!  Bloop is known for its unique hookah pipes and 8 meter long shark tank, but they also cook up a pretty good meal.

I arrived there on a Thursday evening after my spin class at around 8:30pm.  It’s not usually so packed during this hour, but in  most cases, if you don’t have a reservation, it’s probably fully booked/you won’t get in.  I sat in the VIP room this time and patiently waited for my friends to arrive.  The staff is super friendly and they always give good suggestions for what to drink/smoke.

I started with a chocolate martini and a melon shisha.  (BTW, Bloop has really creative hookah bowls this summer like melon, orange, apple and watermelon!!!!)  The chocolate martini is creamy and sweet, sort of like an alcoholic hot (in this case cold) chocolate.  Who could say no to a martini made of Godiva chocolate?


Of course the first appetizer I ordered (and always will order) was the Truffle Cheese Fries.  If you’re a french fry enthusiast like myself, you MUST order this.  Bloop incorporates melted cheese over their not so salty fries, and the best part is the truffle sauce.  It’s basically mayonnaise and truffle blended to perfection, and it brings me to food heaven every time.  MUST ORDER.

IMG_0153 IMG_0154

After my work-out, what better to get but protein?  Sausage platter with a side of ketchup and mustard.  Nothing too special about this other than they give you five types of sausages (cheese, regular, chicken, beef and pork) and it is cut into bite-sized pieces for you.  It’s also nice and hot. One word. Devoured.


Up next is drinks! Who can say no to alcohol at a bar?  My personal favorite is Alwin’s Kiss.  Why do I like it so much?

  1. It’s a delicious drink
  2. You can’t taste the alcohol
  3. You’ll feel a head change after the first round

The original Alwin’s Kiss was developed at Likuid (now closed).  I’ve personally nicknamed this “the silent killer.”

IMG_0168 IMG_0171

Now, the next drink is the exact same drink, but tweaked.  Alwin’s Kiss 2.0, made with Gustav.  They’re both delicious but I personally like 2.0.  It’s stronger but more subtle and isn’t as sweet as the original Alwin’s Kiss.


Alright, back to food.  I ordered a Caviar Platter next.  Bloop is known for its luxury and class, so I thought it was fitting to order this.  The platter came with diced egg yolk, diced egg white, scallions, thick pancakes/crackers, and of course, caviar.  The way the platter was presented is incredible.

IMG_0178 IMG_0181IMG_0183

Next –  “ham and cheese” open faced sandwiches (aka, salad wrapped in prosciutto on top of cheese and toasted baguette).  This was okay – I personally did not like the salad wrapped inside the prosciutto, but I was just greedy for more meat.


Main dish time!!  Angus beef burgers with french fries.  You can ask them for an open-face burger which I did, but I wish I left that top bun on.  The burger was pretty standard – not too fancy like Harlan’s burger but still pretty standard.  This is the dish I would order for my main course at Bloop.


Finally, let me tell you what Bloop is doing with their summer fruits.


YES, ALCOHOLIC FRUITS! If you buy any bottle of hard liquor, you can request puree’d fruit juice for you and your friends to share.  I had tried all of them – the honeydew (which we used in our hookah as well), pineapple, and watermelon.

Bloop is a pretty pricey place so be prepared to spend! It’s definitely worth the money.  Also, there is a minimum charge of $250 a person, and $1000 a person if you want to sit in the VIP room & balcony.


It is Bloop’s 2nd anniversary! Stop by for a chance to win up to $30,000!!! I”m super excited and hope I win 😉

Location: 21/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D’Aguilar Street, Central


Taste: 8.5 out of 10
Environment: 9.5 out of 10
Value for money: 6 out of 10
Service: 8 out of 10

Total: 8 out of 10

– Den

By Denise Kimberley