Lunch at Kila – Irish pub in Central, Hong Kong

Kila's Bar

On a random weekday of exploring restaurants in Central, my boyfriend and I came across Kila, a cute Irish pub at the top of Pottinger Street, aka, “石板街”.  I’ve always seen it to be really crowded during happy hour and the later part of evenings, so I never even bothered to find out if they were open during the day.  But on this particular day, we walked all the way up to Wyndham Street  and came across this pub.  We immediately fell in love with the open space, the friendly staff, and mainly, the delicious food.  Something you must know about me – when I fall in love with food at a certain restaurant, you will see me there for weeks and weeks until I get absolutely sick of it.

Their lunch sets are $98 +10%, which is a steal, especially it being located in Central.  Their menu is different everyday, but they mainly follow this equation: a salad or soup, followed by a main course, and finally a dessert.

Iced Water

To start, an iced water because I was really parched from my workout before coming here (irrelevant, I know haha).  You can picture the condensation slowly dripping down the glass…One thing I love about this place is that their food is relatively healthy compared to most others.  Less carbs, more veggies & protein! 😀

Smoked Salmon Salad

I started with a smoked salmon salad with vinaigrette dressing.  It was nice and cold, just the way salads should be.  They were a little bit too heavy handed with their salad dressing though.

Steak with vegetables and roasted potatoes


I’ve ordered the steak 3 out of the 4 times I’ve been there.  Truly amazing!  I had to wait a lot longer than I usually waited for it though.  They were pretty busy that day and they have limited kitchen helpers.  I wanted my steak medium, but they gave it to me as medium rare.  I usually like my meat a bit more cooked (from medium to medium well), but I had no complaints about the taste.  Minus points for it not being what I asked for.

Tilapia with mashed potatoes and vegetables

The boy had a pan fried tilapia with mashed potatoes and vegetables (this order was +$20).  For someone who doesn’t like fish, I definitely liked this.  The lemon juice drizzled on top accentuated the flavor of the fish, rather than having it cover the fishiness of it (like what most restaurants do).  The mashed potatoes were really well made – not grainy at all.  Perfectly smooth and velvety.

Chocolate cake with melted chocolate

Last but never least, dessert. I’m a big lover of sweets, but this chocolate cake/brownie was so-so. I can’t really consider it cake because it wasn’t cakey, but it wasn’t fudgey either… It was nice and warm, and of course really good after a whole meal of savory foods, but the texture of the cake wasn’t right.

Bill Amount: $237.6 for two people

Taste: 8 out of 10
Environment: 7 out of 10
Value for money: 9 out of 10
Service: 7.5 out of 10
Overall: 8 out of 10

Location: Upper Basement, 79 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


By Denise